What you will find in the book

You will become a part

of a mission as much as the characters. Altogether, you will go through a number of adventures and come to your own revelations.

This book encourages you

to sense life around you at a deeper level and open up to your extraordinary abilities.

You will see your own planet

from an interstellar traveler’s perspective and will learn how to live within its harmony.

The book has incredible magic

hidden within. It opens every reader to a deeper understanding of themselves and of our planet.

Tarra: Mission to Earth

What is the book about?

Anthony and his friends come to planet Earth to find the antidote for fear dust pollution.

The children on their native planet, Tarra, are in severe danger.

If Anthony’s mission doesn’t succeed, life on Tarra will cease to exist.


Tarra: Mission
to Earth

The Family Companion

Together with our friends: Anthony, Lissy, Andy, the Saashes, and Audrey, you will have to perform thirty-four tasks to help them complete the mission.
On the way, you will develop a lot of extraordinary Tarrian skills and will become as cool as Tarrians.

The book is designed as a Family Companion to TARRA: Mission to Earth for children and their parents, supervising adults and educators.

Each task has two parts: one for a child to complete and one as a guide for an adult to explore, contemplate, and help the child complete the task.

The part for children opens deeper awareness of the self, their dormant extraordinary abilities, the Earth, and the elements of nature. It explores the hidden potentials of the mind and takes a few steps into the unknown and magical. Children will accompany their favorite characters all the way from the beginning of their adventure to the glorious completion of the mission. 

The part for adults explains the tasks and the ideas, concepts, and science which stand behind them. It also suggests more topics for exploration and in-depth discussions with your child along with resources in the back for further reading.


Inna Van Der Velden
is a teacher, an acupuncturist, a specialist in Chinese medicine, a healer, and a writer.

Her vast studies and the experience of living in six countries (Russia, Canada, United States, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom, and Bulgaria) have shaped her unique vision of life on Earth. The nature of her work as a healer allowed her to connect to people from forty-six different countries and hear their stories. Inna, together with the Five Elements of Nature, has helped people heal their hearts, worn-out bodies, and crumpled emotions.

Inna is sure that the art of dreaming shapes the way of life on our planet. It is within our powers to set the conditions for our children to grow up in a happy environment, have more fun, and co-create with our living planet, Earth. 

What readers say

Recent reviews

  • Celine Lim

    A captivating adventure traversing many worlds, engaging readers in lessons of responsibility, courage, cooperation, kindness, forgiveness, and generosity - the many expressions of universal love. The protagonists’ rich vocabularies expand the book reader's idea of what it means to be human and their place in the larger collective and planetary galactic whole. The Family Companion offers further educational content, many fun activities and suggestions for families and groups to enjoy together, encouraging the building of exploratory and observatory skills that are infused with higher-level aspirations, fortifying inner resources of intuition and imagination.

    Celine Lim
    Cht. Life Change Coach, Canada
  • A. Zemsky
    Five children soar across vibrant galaxies, speeding ever closer to an unknown planet that needs saving, Earth. They laugh, explore, and learn how to treasure beauty, from vibrancy of a singing meadow to purity of an apple in a ready to harvest garden. Tarra: Mission to Earth teaches us how to deal with our challenges and encourages us to praise our talents.
    A. Zemsky
    Middle school student, international American School of London, UK
  • G. Gorelova
    The book teaches our children the highest values of the society: friendship, truth, kindness, bravery, compassion and many others.  It is our guide how to heal our lives and make our dreams come true.
    G. Gorelova
    A natural healer, assistant trainer of 5 Elements Rejuvenation System©, Russia
  • Judith Wright
    This is a work of great imagination, metaphorical, lyrical and wise. Whether teaching us to breathe, or helping us to understand how fear stunts creativity, this story keeps us thinking. The mission to Earth astonishes and it entertains. Besides inspiring us to dream, the story encourages us to live up to our human potential. The book aims to give children courage and resilience in times of great uncertainty. After reading Tarra: Mission to Earth, I, like Verada, felt a strong vibration in the heart. This is more than a story of healing.
    Judith Wright
    Epidemiologist, Saskatoon, Canada
  • Donna Mc Rae
    This book is not only a gift to the children of the world, but also a gift to their parents and the world at large. It gently teaches us that when we let go of our fear and our anger, the aggression existing the world dissipates.
    Donna Mc Rae
    Healer and coach. Mother of four and grandmother of 6, BC, Canada
  • Dr. Nadia McKendrick
    I am sure that children will love the book as it is an adventure story full of fascinating characters and collisions. However, it is not only the mystery that is so attractive, but the opportunity to help our children to challenge themselves. 

    It is the mystery and adventure that stretch deep into subconscious fears and troubles and give an opportunity to children to see the virtue and the vice of this world in a creative and amusing way.

    Dr. Nadia McKendrick
    PhD, Associate professor in TEFL, mother of two and grandmother of five, UK
  • Lana K.
    Every child in the entire world should read this book to teach and empower themselves to use their own extraordinary abilities and hidden talents to live through this challenging life.
    Lana K.
    Educator, author, and entrepreneur, US
  • A. Charkova
    Let’s face it – your childhood was a lot different from the childhood of your children. You may have had an occasional snow day. You may have some scary event on television, but for the most part it was probably still a childhood. A generation of children are growing up through a global pandemic, through a war, through worries that the only animals they will ever get to see are in the zoo. It’s impossible for this not to have an impact. This book is the healing they need. This book teaches unity and care and just to observe, observe the beautiful world around. So together with these extraordinary, colorful, out of this world characters let your children get the healing they need. This book is a breakthrough in children’s writing, a one if its kind journey into the world of self, that is not hard. It is the easiest journey your child will ever make and maybe the most gratifying one.
    A. Charkova
    international risk and crisis specialist, mother, UK

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