The sessions are meant to re-balance the energies of the body to perform at their best in all areas of life.

The sessions can be delivered in person or distantly via phone or Skype.

You can choose from a number of individual or group healing sessions we are featuring at this time to promote your wellbeing.
These sessions are aimed at adjusting the energies of your body to your intention, to the biological rhythm of a season and to the cycle of your life.



Once you have made an appointment and decide that you need to change it, feel free to do so with the following constraints:

– Up to 48 hours before the scheduled appointment is ideal, as the time slot then becomes available for someone else

– Up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment is permitted

– Within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment is not permitted, or you will be charged for it

No shows

When you have made an appointment with Inna, it is your responsibility to make contact with 5 Elements Rejuvenation via the means which have been provided to you; either a telephone number or a Skype id. Please note that you need to get in touch (if by skype) 5 min in advance. If you do not show up for your appointment within 10 minutes, your appointment will lapse and you will be considered to have missed it. If at a subsequent time you wish to rebook that appointment, you will need to pay for a new one. After the session your Skype id will be deleted.


I cannot confirm or deny diagnosis, nor am I offering treatment specifics.  I cannot make recommendations about treatments other than what common sense might suggest.  5 Elements Rejuvenation session does not replace medical treatments, therapy or medications, but may supplement them.  5elementsrejuvenation is not constructed as practicing medicine, curing conditions. The information on this site or during a healing session is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please see a medical professional if you need help with depression, illness, or have any concerns whatsoever.

WE cannot promise specific results and/or claim to perform cures.  However, if healing occurs, accept it graciously!


  • Laila
    Major shifts for me and my daughter I have being feeling much Lighter and happier and in peace in my day to day life ( I keep the Mp3 playing almost 24 hours ) . People responding positively to me has being even more enhanced now. This is something quite Major in my life to shift into, and I am very grateful because I feel supported now, and one of my major issues for most of my life has being feeling unsupported. I also found that experienced 2 different things in this week that would have really thrown me into LOW energy and brought up anger in me YET I remained neutral both times and there were no negative effects. This is also a huge step forward. Most interesting to notice is that my 3 year old daughter Sofia, who you know is very much a part of these processes with me and has her own challenges (abandoned by her father and very introverted and fearful and insecure and low confidence) has just had such an amazing SHIFT into such positive new ways since being with this MP3!!  It’s being Wonderful to witness!
    South Africa
  • Judy
    My digestion pains have decreased 90%! My kidneys, bladder feel 80% stronger! With the Body Systems Tuning activation mp3 after one session I felt a deep sense of balance, peace, renewal, relaxation, calm: a warm soothing sensation of being in my body more vitally alive! I found the nervous system, digestion, bladder, and lymphatic activations especially powerful with the attuned higher frequencies, than the final adjustments of these higher frequencies to all the body was strengthening to the balanced overall effect--creating a focused momentum for me to meet the world with more equanimity and joy! Yahoo! My digestion pains have decreased 90%! My kidneys, bladder feel 80% stronger! Rebalancing of the 5 Elements Life Fields mp3 I discovered an immediate safe way to lift any sadness or depression from my weary heart. Also, has helped me over time to eliminate my need for outside validation creating a safe place to dwell in. Overall, I have a better sense of my self: more confidence, relief of anxiety, dread, and other negative emotions. Having a clearer, more profound ongoing sense of purpose and well being. I sleep deeply, wake up more grounded, playful (giggles) and rested!  Self discovery has become a Joy! Wow! I've used these mp3s daily for four weeks, and will continue as I feel guided. Deep gratitude Inna for your wonderful healing gifts! My light has increased with laughter and much joy, Blessings to all.
  • Evelyn
    This work saved me and my house from flooding We were having a tropical wave with nonstop rain in North Naples for three days. I live on a small lake and the water was rising to within inches of my lanai, which is an open sided patio covered with a net. It was obvious that if the rain continued for even a few more hours my home was in serious danger of being flooded. It's suddenly occurred to me that I should be working with the Water Element energetically and maybe Wind to move it to bring only blessings and no harm and nothing more than a light gentle rain here, to move on and out to sea. Inna joined me in prayer and in this miraculous work, and it really saved me from flooding last night when my lake was almost up to my door. It really was a miracle when heavy bands of rain moved to just above North Naples, and there was almost not a drop here over my house and the lake waters went way down. Anytime I heard a heavy rain I prayed and worked with the water element again, and within minutes it would stop. I think this work really saved me & my house from flooding last night. With blessings & gratitude to all.
  • Els
    Fast recovery after the heart operation I was offered Inna’s healing and balancing on the second day after a serious heart operation (by- pass). My leg was aching horribly, and the whole body was out of balance completely. During a 15 min healing, I felt incredibly peaceful, and my whole body was slightly vibrating. After the healing there was no more pain in the leg and no discomfort in the body. I fell asleep and recovered very fast after the operation. Inna’s wonderful healing helped my fast recovery.
    pensioner, Holland
  • Ans Ellis
    Cystitis cured the next day I am 88 years old. I have had recurrent bladder infections for many years. Every time I was prescribed different antibiotics, but they did not help me any longer. The last one I was taking was giving me disorientation. I felt dizzy and achy. I got a distant healing session with Inna for 15 minutes. During the session I felt a powerful vibration going through my body. It was quite pleasant. When the session was over, I was not dizzy any more, the pain stopped and I felt renewed. The next day I noticed that my bladder infection was completely gone without antibiotics. I was amazed at this result.
    Ans Ellis
    retired librarian, BC, Canada
  • N. Aliyev
    Twisted thumb got back into place instantaneously I was suffering from a twisted thumb on my left hand for quite some time. During a 15 minute session with Inna there was a click, and my thumb took its place. The healing worked instantaneously. I highly recommend Inna and her healing. I started believing in miracles!
    N. Aliyev
    ESL teacher, USA
  • N. and F. Aliyev
    Found a job within a month after years of unemployment My brother was looking for a job in his major for many years. I suggested that he should participate in Inna’s distant healing groups session”. A month later he was able to find a job as an information technologist and no longer thinks about past difficulties. His whole life changed for the best. I highly recommend this system and Inna’s healing as it brings life-changing results.
    N. and F. Aliyev
    ESL teacher, USA
  • Tatiana
    Chronic high blood pressure normalized next day I participated in a group healing session with Inna out of curiosity and because I was suffering from a high blood pressure. Every day when I went to work it was at least 180/100 or higher. I felt tired, and my face was always red. During a 30 min session the pictures of me sitting beside the water creek came to my mind, and immediately after the session I felt different, calmer and more aware. To my surprise my blood pressure normalized, and my energy level doubled. I kept checking my blood pressure for the whole month, it was still normal. Thank you, Inna.
  • Elizaveta
    No more doctors, off medication for 2 years after kidney failure! I am 70. Long time ago I had an operation and one of my kidneys was removed, the other one was barely functioning. After a few sessions in healing and balancing with the Five Elements, I feel much better. For the five years to this day, I have been off my medications! I have not seen a doctor even since! Previously I was always trying to rest and now I have incredible energy, I even cut down three huge old trees in my yard! My neighbors were astonished! Now I can help myself and others.
    natural healer, Russia
  • Nadia
    Tests showed, a “hole” in my granddaughter’s heart closed without surgery When my granddaughter Vasia was born, she was diagnosed with a 2 mm “hole” in the heart and heart murmurs. Her condition is called an atrial septal defect (ASD), which changes the normal flow of blood through the heart. The doctors were talking about an urgent operation. At this point we understood what a huge risk the operation was and I called Inna for help. Inna worked with my granddaughter through me, healing her DNA and balancing her heart’s energies. After a few minutes, Inna said that it was healed. A few days later, my daughter took Vasia for the tests before the operation and there was no “hole’ anymore and nor murmurs, the septum was closed completely and looked totally normal. I was almost crying with happiness! Even though my granddaughter was under observation in the Heart Center for a year, nothing changed. She has been healthy ever since. The amazing thing is that at the same time Inna’s daughter had a reading from a medium and a message came through that the baby Inna was healing was healed completely. Inna’s daughter did not know anything about Vasia’s healing, but when she delivered that message for Inna, we were all astonished at how the Universe works. Inna is amazing! Thank you, Inna, for the miracle healing that prevented a heart operation!
  • Donna
    Completely off medication for both depression and anxiety I was blessed to have a session with Inna a few weeks back. For the past couple of years I’ve been riddled with anxiety and depression. My time with Inna opened me up to the lightness of who I am at my core. I am happy to say that I am now completely off my medications for both depression and anxiety. This is huge and even more so with the uncertainties we are living with now in our world. Thank You Inna. You are the real deal!!
  • G.
    The emotional field balancing meditation has alleviated stress connected to war Inna sent me this meditation (Restoring emotions in my Sacred Earth) to help me cope with severe stress connected to the war in Ukraine. As soon as I started listening, I saw myself sitting in a boat on a quiet river. I could also smell spring in the air. Peaceful energy started spreading in my body as circles on the water. Pink colour appeared and there was a feeling of deep love to our mother earth. There were sensations of love, warmth, and compassion. It felt as if I am beyond time and space. After the meditation this feeling stayed with me for a few days, and I noticed that my stress had alleviated.
  • Curtis
    Chronic back pain gone I came to Inna with chronic back pain.  Approximately 4 years of almost 24/7 discomfort that limited my mobility and had really changed my life.  I had tried countless healing modalities before I connected with Inna.  Some helped temporarily but I always found myself back at square one.  Inna approached me with total integrity, grace, and non judgement.  She truly created an atmosphere for healing.  We did multiple sessions together which generally involved balancing energies and working on belief systems/limiting beliefs.  Within a short time (perhaps a month) I had made noticeable improvements and could stop taking my pain medications.  I haven’t taken my pain meds since then…and that was the summer of 2013.  I just got home from one week of backpacking through the mountains, living in a tent and carrying everything I needed to live on my back. Inna was instrumental in helping me get back to this place.
    Sales & Marketing Manager, Canada
  • Curtis
    Doctor shook his head, the tumor has shrunk 2 years ago after a family doctor appointment, an ultrasound and a biopsy – I was scheduled in to have my thyroid surgically removed because it was thought to be cancerous.  I called Inna and said I have two months before surgery to show myself and the doctors that there is no need for surgery.  We went to work and 6 weeks later got the positive results we were after.  I never 3 needed the surgery. An annual ultrasound follow up showed the thyroid nodule had continued to shrink.  My doctor shook his head, smiled and said “Good thing we didn’t take that out.”  Good thing indeed!  Inna has been a big part of my healing and helping me see the world through a lens where in the future I won’t create as much disease. Thank you, Inna.
  • Donna
    Completely off medication for both depression and anxiety I was blessed to have a session with Inna a few weeks back. For the past couple of years I’ve been riddled with anxiety and depression. My time with Inna opened me up to the lightness of who I am at my core. I am happy to say that I am now completely off my medications for both depression and anxiety. This is huge and even more so with the uncertainties we are living with now in our world. Thank You Inna. You are the real deal!!
  • Lana
    From being a wreck to becoming myself again Last summer my body and my mind were a wreck. I was coming out of a long-term relationship with an alcoholic that had turned abusive. I was afraid, sad, disappointed, confused and I was not sleeping or eating properly. Every day I woke up with dread and wanted to shut down. My physical health was suffering as I had continual pain in my back, neck, shoulders, stomach and even my right leg where I had prior injuries. My throat was continually constricted. Inna’s treatments and the tools that she taught me set me free from all of that in approximately six sessions or one month time. With every session I felt more liberated and the power over my own life was back in my hands. Physical pains disappeared with each session. Emotional pain disappeared as well. I began very quickly to feel energetic and light and started having control over my own life, body and emotions. Soon I became myself again! I am so grateful for her healings and for how they changed my life.
  • Susan

    A tremendous and incredible healing journey

    I have experienced emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. I went through life with tremendous pains. For the last 7 years when winter started, I would cough continuously for 3 months. In a 30 minute session with Inna, she told me that my cough was due to my feeling of unworthiness in my right lung. Inna cleared the energy out and after the session, I stopped coughing. 

    In 2019, I recalled memories of my past life with a very dear friend. I remembered how much pain I caused him by protecting him. In one of our sessions, Inna brought to my attention that he has given up on love in this lifetime because of the tremendous pain he felt in that lifetime. We did healing sessions in asking him to forgive me and also to heal his wounds as well. It has been a tremendous and incredible healing journey with Inna.

  • Dr Nadia M

    Complete healing from cancer

    I’d like to share my experience of complete healing from cancer. Inna helped me go through the whole process starting from shock, fear, despair and recovery.

    On 18 May 2021 I was diagnosed with the cancer of the endometrium as a result of biopsy (the size of the cancerous area was 40 mm). It was a complete unexpected shock for me and I was at a loss, not knowing what to do and where to go. I had 5 healing sessions with Inna and listened to her high frequency processes in preparation for full hysterectomy, that took part on 12 July 2021. The operation went well and I was dismissed home in one day. During surgery and the recovery period Inna supported me energetically. I was amazed how smoothly and easily the recovery was happening. In one month, I completely forgot that I had an operation. And another amazing thing was the result of post operational histology - the cancerous area had shrunk (to 20 mm). 

    I’ve got my whole life back! in September I began my teaching job again and now I am feeling as good as new. There are no words to express my gratitude to Inna. I know that miracles can happen. 

    Dr Nadia M
    PhD, Associate Professor in TEFL, UK
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